Terence Patrick Maurice

November 2, 1962 - 1 July 2008

Terence (Terry) Patrick Maurice

 Terence (Terry) Patrick Maurice passed peacefully to Heaven on July 1, 2008 in Tucson, AZ at Hospice Family Care.  At the time of his passing he was surrounded by loving family.

Terry had Down syndrome.  To some that may have been one thing that kept them from knowing the person that he was.  However, if anyone spent but one minute with him they were drawn in by his own willingness to accept you for who you were.

Terry could be unpredictable.  One minute he would be laughing and smiling; the next minute you might have to duck to avoid anything that was handy to throw your way.

 His laughter was infectious.  Many times, out of the blue we would start with a grin then the grin would develop into a full smile followed by minutes of laughter.  I often wondered what he was thinking to bring him such joy and wished I could know how to make it happen again.

 Terry could not communicate to us what he felt inside but we knew when he was hungry.  He would clap his hands and point towards the refrigerator.  He was always happy to have a hamburger from McDonalds or a Dairy Queen Blizzard.  He would eat mashed potatoes and gravy and always stole his father’s beer when he was not looking.  He actually stole the beer when he was looking but that never bothered Pat.

 Terry loved to travel which suited his dad who also loves to travel.  Terry could be feeling bad and all that had to happen to make him happy again was to get in the car and go for a ride. 

 Terry loved Batman.  He would watch recorded tapes of the Batman TV series for hours on end.  He also loved the pool and combined his love for Batman and his love of the pool in antics played out while in the water.  He would stand on the steps of the pool and playfully smack himself in the jaw like he saw Batman do to the bad guys.  He would then fall back into the pool as if the blow knocked him off his feet.

 Many good times come to mind but two of them stand out for me.  I am sure my own family gets tired of hearing them but I guess we all have certain things that stand out about everyone that gets repeated.

 We were in a restaurant one day sitting in a booth.  Terry had his back to a couple, one of whom was bald.  We were all just sitting there; talking or eating, when suddenly Terry reached around and stroked the man’s bald head.  The man stood up abruptly and turned to see who violated his shiny globe when he saw it was Terry.  The smile on Terry’s face was priceless and immediately dissipated any anger the man might have felt.

 We were at the airport; perhaps it was one of my visits to Tucson before I retired from the Army.  We were on our way to baggage claim when Terry decided he wanted to sit down.  He chose a most inconvenient spot; right in front of the escalator down to the baggage area.  Pat and I tried to coax him to get up but were unsuccessful.   So, with each of us on one side of him grabbed his arms and lifted him up.  Do you know he kept his legs crossed?  I don’t know how long he kept them crossed but I remember that he was not making things easy for us.

 I have heard his father, Pat; refer to Terry as his best friend.  Terry is certainly that as they spent almost all of the minutes in a day together since Pat’s retirement many years ago.

 Jo, Terry’s mother always looked at Terry with the kind of looks all loving mothers give their children. 

Candy, Patty and my wife Tonya all loved Terry as any sister would love their brother.  At times they would bug him and he would bug them; but that is how it is between loving siblings.  There were always plenty of hugs to balance everything out.

 And I have lost a brother too.

 We love you Terry and wish you the kind of happiness in Heaven you missed here on Earth.


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This slide show represents the essence of Terry - how he touched so many of us and how integral a part he played in all family functions.

Please watch and enjoy remembering or discovering how much he meant to all of us.

Terry Maurice 

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